We provide the expertise according to the requirement as we deal with professionals in the business as well as young minds.

Media Consultancy: 
Media Consultancy is a broader term for Public Relations. With winds of change and virtual branding opportunities, the term PR evolved to Media Consultancy. We at Mindworkz give you our expert knowledge and advice in developing a brand through a variety of media solutions as today; one needs a slice of all kinds of possible media around in order to stand out in the cluttered industry.
Apart from being noticed, we believe in creating a brand image, for which the perception will be derived from your past records and a vision for future goals, on the basis of your strengths and resources.

We are here to guide you to reach your customers with effective execution of ideas through varied channels of media. We always try and put our media solutions right in the heart of management decisions because we view it not just as a tool for communicating with the media but as part of how we build and grow the relationship with clients & customers. We live in a world where there is wall-to-wall communication and in business, you have no choice but to be part of it. This is one of the key reasons why PR-“The art of managing your communications” plays a vital role in a successful, growing business. There's no escaping the impact that the media may have on a business, be it either from a negative or positive perspective. We study your brand and suggest you appropriate media solutions considering the current market scenario.
With our focus being on Art and Culture since a decade, we cater to clients from the entertainment industry such as theatre, artists, concerts, festivals, events and production houses. 

Brand Communication:
To convert your company name in to a Brand you need to develop distinct branding. A successful branding program is based on the concept of singularity. We create the suitable brand communication strategy involving all kinds of media solutions. We attract attention of desired target audience through correct communication and perception & create an instant rapport with them which sets you apart from the other existing brands. Planning and creating a strategy and image for the brand and implementing the same from conceptualizing to execution through conventional and lateral ideas. Creating brand communication material i.e. identity elements like logos for visual Identity & Impact, Website for projection & feedback, typefaces for branding & recall value, letterheads, stationery, business cards, photography, uniforms, packages, advertising, point-of-purchase displays, event posters, musical backgrounds and many other viable media for creating and sending communications.

Language is one of the important channels to communicate and convey your thoughts across to your existing and potential target audience. Language is one medium which can bridge gaps between the audience perception and what the brand has to offer. At Mindworkz, we just help you with that. We are passionate about our communication and we pursue it in our work and writings. Art and Culture being our forte, we can cater to varied content writing opportunities in the industry.

Conceptual Events:
Conceptual event is a broader term. “We don't sell ready concepts or ideas for it to fit your requirements, we create one for you”. If your brand is unique or innovative, which doesn't fit into existing mould of conventional events and ideas, don’t you worry.  We here are a bunch of enthusiast who like challenges and outdoing ourselves, once we are given a ground-breaking potential brand to explore. We create a small team according to one's expertise and knowledge and present you the best suited customized "Brand-Buzz" event. If you have a brand with a potential and avenues of branding coming up your way like launches, conferences, workshops, seminars, events, shows, visibility programs, promotions etc. we convert it into a buzzing event by our customized ideas, thus making your “brand buzzing” more eloquent.

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